Venture Fundraising

August 1, 2019

The purpose of this use case is to be a fundraising option for anything. This is currently a channel in Discord and where people can come in with ideas which will further be subject to fundraising in the NORT community. The goal is to build this out to the website or another platform as needed in the future. The concept is basically to have a free marketplace for ideas where people can search for funding for all sorts of things. For example this could be: a marketing campaign (for NORT or something else), reward for writing an article on a topic of interest, a charity cause, app development, an ICO where coins might be offered to funders. The person taking the initiative would have to pitch an idea to the community, see if it is possible to raise needed funds from the community, and then the NORT team will do an escrow service for this and do a payout once task is complete or at another agreed upon time.

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