Creating A Digital Future


Northern is unique and rapidly growing.

zero emission mining

We have one of the only cryptocurrencies that take absolutely no power to run via our staking platform.

built around services

New services are coming online quarterly and with the launch of our own Cryptocurrency exchange, this is only the beginning.

low supply

A low maximum supply of five million, it means that we are poised to grow as our services and blockchain expands.


block times

1 minute

maximum supply

5,000,000 (5 million)

consensus mechanism

Proof-of-Stake (85% masternodes, 15% stakers)



masternode collateral

2,500 NORT


We are fast to grow due to our fluid development and a vast resource base in development.

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q3 2019

  • Alpha and Beta Launch of Northern Website
  • Alpha and Beta Launch of Northern Exchange
  • Alpha and Beta Launch of Northern Marketplace

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q4 2019

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q2 2020

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q3 2020

  • Deployment of Mobile Wallet (Android)
  • Launch of Pi Support for Masternodes


  • Stephen Megara, of Melbourne, Florida, develops mainly in C++ and Python. He is the lead of development for Northern. His commitment to the project is shown by developing new products and services for Northern that are integrated into the roadmap.

  • Andrew Koski, of Phoenix, Arizona, has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies and brings to the table a variety of expertise. Notable areas of experience include Digital, Application and Business development.

  • Emilio, of Oslo, Norway, manages all marketing activities. His guidance and execution is critical to providing a marketing to push Northern to be a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Steve, of New York City, New York, has been involved in the crypto space since 2017. Steve’s current focus is on charity and giving back as he works on the team as Charity Outreach Coordinator on initiatives using NORT’s blockchain technology to directly support charities.

  • Yuriy, of Russia, manages specific portions of the technical framework for Northern. His work has helped Northern expand it’s digital footprint well beyond it’s incepted scope.