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Creating better interactions between people around the world

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Coin information

Coin Specs

Block times: - 1 minute

Maximum supply: - 5,000,000 (5 million) NORT

Consensus mechanism: - Proof-of-Stake (85% masternodes, 15% stakers)

Algorithm: - Quark-hash

Masternode collateral - 2,500 NORT

Features: - SwiftTX, budget, treausury and masternode governance is enabled

RPC Port: - 9332

P2P Port: - 6942

Block reward breakdown (Block height - Reward per block)

Block 201-30,000 - 5.000 NORT

Block 30,001-200,000 - 3.750 NORT

Block 200,001-500,000 - 2.500 NORT

Block 500,001-900,000 - 1.250 NORT

Block 900,001-1,500,000 - 0.500 NORT

Block 1,500,001-6,000,000 - 0.250 NORT

11 year tapering inflation reward, with a cumulative supply capped at 5,000,000 NORT.


The vision of NORT is to be a force for good in the crypto sphere and the world in general by offering useful services without any fees. These services/utilities are meant to facilitate a more organic way of creating useful work/tasks/transactions in the crypto marketplace of ideas, while simultaneously functioning as sound money and thereby a good store of value. In addition, NORT utilizes a proof of stake consensus mechanism which minimizes negative environmental impact.

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Charity Outreach


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  • access_alarmStore of value - Active
    Low supply and low inflation means NORT will function as a sound store of value with the possibility of earning interest rates via staking or masternodes.
  • access_alarmUse for payments - Active
    The goal is for NORT be used for payments in as many avenues as possible. Right now we have one actor accepting NORT as payment (Kulturmench in the Nort discord). We will explore more avenues for such activities.
  • access_alarmCharity work - Active
    Following a swap offered to Rapture Coin (RAP) we will now be continuing their usecase on the NORT chain as well as inviting the community into the NORT community. RAP has been a charity-coin from the start, and has developed some good ideas. Foremost is the charity-node program where they have been running masternodes for charity organizations in order to continuously donate to these organizations. We will be looking to continue existing charity nodes and donating NORT for this purpose.
  • access_alarmOffering swaps - Active
    In line with NORTs vision of doing good in the crypto sphere, NORT is prepared to consider offering swaps to people who has been scammed and are holding “dead coins”. The benefit for NORT is exposure while doing good for the crypto-community in general.
  • access_alarmVenture fundraising - Active
    The purpose here is to be a kickstarter/freelance option for anything. This will start of with a channel in Discord and where people can come in with ideas which will further be subject to fundraising in the NORT community. The goal is to build this out to the website or another platform as needed in the future. The concept is basically to have a free marketplace for ideas where people can search for funding for all sorts of things. For example this could be: a marketing campaign (for NORT or something else), reward for writing an article on a topic of interest, a charity cause, app development, an ICO where coins might be offered to funders. The person taking the initiative would have to pitch an idea to the community, see if it is possible to raise needed funds from the community, and then the NORT team will do an escrow service for this and do a payout once task is complete or at another agreed upon time.
  • access_alarmNorthern funding service - Active
    The purpose is to offer a funding service for actors who offer various services online (youtubers, freelance journalists etc.). We will establish a list of receivers and a small description of them on our website including donation addresses in NORT. The service will be free of charge in line with NORTs vision to provide good solutions for the crypto sphere at no cost.
  • access_timeMarketplace for items - Q2-Q3 2019
    The goal here is to create a low key trading market where used/new items can be traded using NORT. Payments will be peer to peer with no involvement from the NORT team. This will start out as a low key solution using a discord channel and further be built into our website. Payments will be in NORT, no fees attached.

Nort funding service

Derrick Zoberg

NORT adress: NZA7fwHZPkMh36Dpi9BPFn5A92nXCyXTJu